FMCSA new guidance says ELD exempt only if “engine” is older than model year 2000

On July 12, 2017, the FMCSA answered a question regarding the ELD rule.

Q – If the vehicle registration for a commercial motor vehicle reflects a model year of 2000 or newer, but the connections and motor vehicle components (such as the engine) are older than model year 2000, is the vehicle exempt from the ELD rule? Continue reading “FMCSA new guidance says ELD exempt only if “engine” is older than model year 2000″


Small Businesses – Hiring Contracted Helpers vs. Employees


Most small business owners have a number of projects they want to undertake. There are times that you can’t commit to them because the day-to-day tasks don’t leave you time for much more than paperwork. If you’re facing a situation like this, you’re not alone. No matter how many tools you have at your disposal, the fact is that back-office work will leave you drained and stressed, ruining your capabilities to focus on more productive tasks.

The question is: do you hire an employee or do you hire a contracted small business helper? Continue reading “Small Businesses – Hiring Contracted Helpers vs. Employees”


Excise Fuel Tax Refunds for Off Road Use

When you purchase un-dyed motor fuel you are paying federal and state excise tax.  The tax on this fuel is meant for vehicles and equipment used on roads and highways.  If you use this fuel to power vehicles and equipment used off-road you may qualify for a Federal and/or State refund or credit. The vehicle and equipment used off-road must not be registered or required to be registered for highway use under the laws of any state or foreign country. Continue reading “Excise Fuel Tax Refunds for Off Road Use”

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FMCSA Medical Certification Process*


Do you know which of your drivers need to be medically certified?

According to the FMCSA, drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) must be medically certified.  The Federal definition (which applies to interstate drivers) says that a CMV is a vehicle with:

  • GVW or GCW @ 10,001+ lbs.
  • GVWR or GCWR @ 10,001+ lbs.
  • Placarded Hazmat
  • Transports 9+ people for profit
  • Transports 16+ people for any reason

This means CDL and Non-CDL drivers, mechanics, supervisors, full time/part time, pickup drivers, owner/operators, and a variety of other drivers may need medical certification. Continue reading “FMCSA Medical Certification Process*”


Would you feed your family with the food that comes off your trucks?

Would you feed your family with the food that comes off your trucks?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized a new food safety rule in April to prevent food contamination during transportation. The rule, under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), requires those involved in transporting human and animal food – shippers, loaders, carriers and receivers – to follow best practices for sanitary transportation, such as properly refrigerating food, adequately cleaning vehicles between loads and properly protecting food during transportation. Continue reading “Would you feed your family with the food that comes off your trucks?”


PrePass expanding weigh station bypass services in North Carolina

Drivers using PrePass weigh station bypass services in North Carolina will soon be able to bypass 10 additional weigh stations in the state, PrePass has announced.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says it has seen success at the existing PrePass sites at the Hillsborough weigh stations along I-40 and wants to expand the service. Continue reading “PrePass expanding weigh station bypass services in North Carolina”

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ELD data: Take control of yours to avoid IFTA, IRP audit fines

If you’re in the situation of many owner-operators and small fleets and trying to squeeze a little return-on-investment out of an ELD, tread carefully with players new to the trucking industry getting into the partial automation of International Fuel Tax Agreement and International Registration Plan data collection for tax-reporting purposes. Buyer beware, say reps of the National American Transportation Services Association, whose member companies collectively work with more than 75,000 carriers who operate more than a million trucks. Continue reading “ELD data: Take control of yours to avoid IFTA, IRP audit fines”


Five Things Your Drivers Don’t Know About Roadside Inspections

Andy Blair was a municipal police officer for 26 years and received DOT training through the Pennsylvania State Police. He inspected trucks for his last 11 years on the force. Blair is DOT-certified in cargo, tank and hazmat, and he also was a weighmaster. Now retired from law enforcement, he operates DOT Checkups, a York, Pennsylvania company that fleets hire to inspect their trucks before they hit the road. He conducts 300 to 400 inspections of all levels every year.

Here’s what he wants drivers and managers to know about roadside inspections. Continue reading “Five Things Your Drivers Don’t Know About Roadside Inspections”


Inspection Blitz June 6-8 – Are you ready?


International Roadcheck, in its 30th year in 2017, is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with nearly 15 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute across North America during a 72-hour period.

International Roadcheck is an annual three-day event when CVSA-certified inspectors conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at various elements of motor carrier, vehicle and driver safety. Continue reading “Inspection Blitz June 6-8 – Are you ready?”