Small Businesses – Hiring Contracted Helpers vs. Employees


Most small business owners have a number of projects they want to undertake. There are times that you can’t commit to them because the day-to-day tasks don’t leave you time for much more than paperwork. If you’re facing a situation like this, you’re not alone. No matter how many tools you have at your disposal, the fact is that back-office work will leave you drained and stressed, ruining your capabilities to focus on more productive tasks.

The question is: do you hire an employee or do you hire a contracted small business helper?

Hiring an employee is an expense and task on its own.  You may have to change your business structure, allow for more overhead expense such as – payroll, payroll tax, benefits, etc.  You also have to search for the right candidate, determine their trustworthiness, and train them.  All of these things will cost your business time and money.

Help sought from a contracted small business helper is becoming increasingly popular. From bookkeeping, database management, event planning and internet marketing to website design and development, small business assistants can expertly accomplish a wide range of tasks. Ultimately, you’ll be able to save more time to devote to those innovative and important tasks that you were holding back till now.

There are many reasons to consider hiring a contracted small business helper.

#1. Reduce Labor Costs: The best part about contracting a small business assistant is that it saves you money instead of stretching your budget. Since a small business helper is not a full time employee, you won’t need to worry about payroll taxes, sick leave, vacation pay, health insurance etc.

#2. Work without an Actual Office: You don’t need to have an actual office or find a place to put a contracted assistant. Many work from their own place, with their own computer and internet connection. If you’re starting a new business or run a home-based business, hiring small business helpers is the best decision you can make to easily grow.

#3. No Employee Training Required: Companies spend thousands of dollars every year on employee training. When you work with a small business helper, you can easily save on it. There are already trained contracted small business assistants, quite well-versed with latest technology and tools, waiting to work for you. Depending on the type or nature of tasks you want to outsource, you can hire either generalists or specialists.

#4. Get Superior Service: Small business assistants take their business quite seriously. They understand that the only way to survive in the industry is to provide clients with high quality work consistently. They work for you in a way that you don’t just hire them over and over again but also recommend their names to your friends and peers.

#5. Pay Only for Hours Worked: Fulltime employees in a company hardly work eight hours a day. But they’re entitled to get a full salary at the end of every month, paid even for coffee breaks, toilet visits and time spent on personal calls. Small business helpers are different. If you outsource a task to a small business assistant on an hourly basis, you’ll pay only for the hours they work. It adds more value to your investment.

#6. Assign a Wide Range of Tasks: Many small business owners seem a little confused as to what a small business helper can do for them. A small business assistant can create content (written and visual) for your business. They can take care of your company’s AR/AP. They can handle your email marketing campaigns. They can design websites and blogs. They can run errands. For a complete list of what a Provisio Circle is capable of doing please visit our Small Business Helper services page.

#7. Ease Pressure on In-House Staff: If you already have an in-house team of professionals and the work pressure is mounting on them, working with a small business assistant could fix the issue pretty quickly. What’s more, releasing the extra burden will also increase your employees’ productivity and you can expect them to deliver better work quality.

Working with a small business helper can be the answer if you’re not in a position to hire fulltime employees. It will help you save both time and money. You won’t need to work late nights or at the weekends to finish work projects on time. You won’t need to stress yourself over those day-to-day tasks that you dislike doing. You’ll really enjoy the freedom.

If you haven’t contracted a small business assistant yet you should start to consider one.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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